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Analyze the information you gathered about your customers in a location context. Location Intelligence will provide you with details and activities to build more profound and practical customer relationships and improve decision-making within your organization.

Branch Network Optimization

Are you planning to reduce your branch network, but you are not sure how to approach it? Try a data-driven approach to reduce the impact on your purchasing power coverage



Customer Acquisition

Location data visualized in our platform will help you to analyze the market penetration and you will be able to locate places with previously undiscovered potential



Service Availability

Analyze the availability of the specific type of service, e.g., cuisine in particular times and areas and use the spatial insights to place your new business correctly



Site Evaluation

Evaluate the retail potential of any address and measure its attractiveness within its natural catchment area. Choosing the right place for you business has never been easier



Traffic Mapping

Mobility around branches strongly influences their performance. Analyze the mobility to optimize the costs of running a branch and find the strongest places in any city.


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Public transport stops with connections in the Czech Republic

This dataset contains the data about the public transport stops including the number of connections leaving from the given stop in one day. This dataset can be useful when you want to know how busy any place is regarding public transport and how many connections per one day are serving any location.

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