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Analyze the information you gathered about your customers in a location context. Location Intelligence will provide you with details and activities to build more profound and practical customer relationships and improve decision-making within your organization.

Cashless Transition

Thinking about turning some of your branches to cashless? Our location data will help you selecting the right ones and keep the service availability high at the same time



Customer Intelligence

Learn about the typical characteristics of your customer and find out the localities with high share of these people to target new potential locations for your business



Location Planning For Banks

Evaluate your current network and find the locations with the best visibility, availability and performance based on data about population, exposure or purchasing power



Opportunity Prediction

How much revenue can you expect at your new site or what will happen when you close one? Understand how your decisions will impact your overall business performance



Tracking Sales Performance

Evaluate your sales success rate from a spatial point of view. Then, provide your sales team with a simple tool offering an overview of the potential customers.


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Mastercard Geographic Insights (Quadkey 18) – Thailand

This dataset contains the data about credit and debit card transactions in Thailand. The provider of the data is Mastercard. The data provide you with insights on the shopping behaviour of people, amount of money spent, frequency of transaction etc. Data is interpreted as an index that is compared to a whole country, region or municipality. It is available on the quadkey level 18, but can be aggregated to other geographies as well.

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