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Analyze the information you gathered about your customers in a location context. Location Intelligence will provide you with details and activities to build more profound and practical customer relationships and improve decision-making within your organization.

Location Planning For Banks

Evaluate your current network and find the locations with the best visibility, availability and performance based on data about population, exposure or purchasing power



Market Gaps

Find the locations with high and low market penetration. Place your new branch smart with the help of data about population, other points of interest or human mobility



Competitive Intelligence Market Research

Analyze the presence of your competition and include the findings in the business strategy. Location data will help you to try targeting areas with more potential



Site Selection

Wondering where to place your next branch, when you already have all the important places in town covered? Find locations with undiscovered potential with location data



Tracking Satisfaction Reviews

Analyze how popular your branches are based on customer reviews and their sentiment. Find places with a wrong sentiment and use CleverMaps to relocate them.


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Popularity Time of day breakdown (POI) – Albania (Data Appeal)

This dataset contains the popularity time of day breakdown of the points of interest in Albania. The provider of the data is Data Appeal. Popularity time of day breakdown data can be bought as additional data to a points of interest package, which contains the basic information such as name, address, contacts or the current status of the amenity. Additional datasets such as Popularity trends, Opening hours or Accomodation Prices are also offered.

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Category Points of Interest
Coverage Albania
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